Our processes for working safely under Covid-19

Our processes for working safely under Covid-19  

We have robust systems in place to manage this health issue.

For your assurance, no members of our team have travelled overseas, been ill with Covid-19 or are close contacts of any Covid-19 cases. Our team has complied with lockdown isolation rules.

These are the on-site processes we have to provide service to you, while minimising the risk of COVID-19 transmission:

  • We won’t shake hands or touch you or your pets. Please keep pets and children away from our team and where possible keep at least 1.5m distance from us
  • Before we arrive please tidy and clean surfaces we’ll be using
  • We’ll wash our hands before starting work and when we’re finished we’ll follow the correct hand washing recommendations of the Ministry of Health. If using soap and water, we’ll lather our hands for 20-30 seconds correctly. If soap and water aren’t available, we’ll use hand sanitizer
  • If we’re working with equipment likely to have been touched by you, where feasible we’ll use disposable gloves. If that’s not feasible, we’ll wash our hands after touching the surface. We’ll also wipe down surface areas with alcohol-based wipes
  • We’ll exercise required social distancing while working at your home.  The construction industry and Master Electricians don’t require us to wear masks but we have these and are happy to wear them if you prefer.  Please let us know

Before we come on site we’ll ask you these questions on email:

  1. Has anyone living at the property been ill or experienced Covid-19 symptoms (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever difficulty breathing) in the past 14 days?
  2. Has anyone in the residence been diagnosed with Covid-19 or been in close contact to a Covid-19 case?
  3. Is anyone in the residence considered a probable Covid-19 case, or tested positive for Covid-19 or been asked to self-isolate for any reason?

If you need to answer YES to any of these questions please talk to Scott 021-336-261

  1. I will advise Yes Electrical if anyone becomes ill following our visit, to assist with contact tracing if this is necessary

b.    Occasionally our staff may need to use a toilet on site. They will wipe down any surfaces they touch and use their own hand sanitiser. If needed are our staff able to use a toilet at the property?

If you answer NO to either of these questions please talk to Scott 021-336-261

We appreciate you working with us through this process and thank you for your patience. Please call us if you have questions about the measures we are taking.

If someone falls ill in your bubble we are happy to reschedule this work for the future.

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