How to warm up your bathroom

The latest gear for a cosy and steam-free bathroom

When the temperature drops we all notice a cold bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are multiple solutions to warm this space up. You don’t have to freeze your anatomy off!

The key to it is heating, ventilation and lighting. Good options of all of these and you’ll enjoy your bathroom and also protect it from moisture wear and tear.

For many years the market has had a limited range of units that cover all three aspects.

New to the market is an attractive slimline heating, fan and ventilation unit, the Tastic Neo range by IXL.

Our team has checked these units out at a wholesaler demonstration and are impressed.

“For many years we’ve only had a standard bulky type of unit available and some people have not liked the look for their bathroom,” says Scott Young from Yes Electrical. “These are a breath of fresh air.”

“If you’re doing up your bathroom or want to warm up your existing bathroom and you’re after a streamlined heat, light and fan unit these are attractive, modern and efficient.”

The Tastic Neos come in a variety of models including options with a vent, heat lamps and lighting, and lighting and venting only, or simply extraction vents. They come in white, black and silver.

There’s also a range of other bathroom heating fans, vents, lighting and of course heated towel rails available at different price points for your bathroom comfort. Treat yourself!

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