Energy saving tips

Our 10 top tips to save money on your power bill

  1. Implement Ripple Power
    Inquire with your electricity retailer about having Ripple Power installed. It gives you cheap power from 9pm-7am. Not every house has it but it’s worth installing. Once in, you can do your washing, dishwasher, water heating, and device and EV charging at night on lower rates.
  2. Turn down your water heater
    You can lower the temperature of your water heater to reduce your costs. Experiment with yours – turn it down until you have the lowest acceptable level that you need.
  3. Efficient light bulb use
    Switch your bulbs to low-energy ones and train your kids to switch off lights and appliances they’re not using. Energywise estimates you can save $30-$50 a year by just turning lights off that you aren’t using, and another $100 a year by switching off appliances on standby. See our blog about replacing your halogens with energy efficient LEDs.
  4. Put a timer on your heated towel rail
    These are easily installed and will programme your heated towel rail to come on and off for optimum use. Usually they are pre-programmed to come on from 6am-10am and 6pm-10pm. We can adjust those times to suit you.
  5. Clean the filters of your heat pump/air conditioner
    This ensures your heat pump is working most efficiently. You can clean the filters with a vacuum yourself or have a heat pump maintenance company do the job for you.
  6. Use your washing machine on cold and fill it up
    A washing machine on a cold wash uses 10 times less electricity than a hot wash. Fill up your machine rather than washing with half loads as this will reduce power use.
  7. Fill your dishwasher
    As above, fill your dishwasher before turning it on, rather than doing small loads more often.
  8. Use your gas barbecue
    This tip was suggested by Canterbury lines company Orion to ease pressure on its power network after the Christchurch earthquakes. Using your barbecue just once or twice a week for a family meal will reduce your monthly power bill because using gas is cheaper than electricity.
  9. Use a slow cooker or crockpot
    A slow cooker is an efficient way to cook. It keeps the heat in and recycles it, so cooks with very low power. It uses a lot less electricity than ranges and ovens. There are lots of slow cooking recipes online.
  10. Check pricing from your power provider – shop around
    Check out Powerswitch for power company price comparisons. Be aware that companies change their rates at different times so ask when the next planned rise is. Companies also often add other services including cable TV so weigh up the benefits before changing supplier.
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