Outdoor lighting and spa pools

So in Wellington it’s fair to say that use of your outdoor space is weather dependent for a good part of the year.

In-ground path lights, colour and feature lights can make a huge difference to your outdoor space and do wonders to make your home look even better. 

Good lighting on pathways and entrances and around the exterior of your home also enhances your safety and security. For the best security we recommend installing sensor lights, and alongside that, security alarms, cameras and timers are also of course deterrents for unwanted visitors. 

Sensors can also be connected to pathway lighting to save energy use. Hardware stores have solar pathway lighting products but we find budget solar lighting sets tend to deteriorate and are not reliable, especially in the darker winter months.

We work with professional landscapers and recommend both Aspen Landscapes and Handsome Landscapes if you are looking to improve your outdoor space.

Spa pools

With travel so restricted during 2020 and 2021 people are turning to make improvements to their properties and even treating themselves a little. 

We are doing a number of spa pool installation jobs. Spa pools are a great addition to your outdoor area, and something all the family can enjoy year round. 

If you are thinking about getting a spa pool, it’s likely you’ll need an electrical connection for it. The cabling, connection and switches required vary depending on the size of your pool. This is because larger pools require a higher amp level.

To sort your spa pool electricals we’ll need the pool model number and other information about it that your supplier provides to you. From here we’ll provide a quote for the correct electrical requirements. 

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