Trouble shooting hot water cylinder issues

My hot water temperature is colder than usual. What’s the problem?

A drop in temperature or fluctuating temperature of your hot water is usually a problem with your electric hot water cylinder. This can be caused by the tempering valve on top of the cylinder not functioning correctly. This can be fixed easily. Or it could be a thermostat or element problem. If it’s an old cylinder it may need to be replaced.

Who do I contact a plumber or an electrician?

Call an electrician first if the water temperature is dropping or fluctuating. Over the phone we can often determine whether the fault is an electrical or plumbing issue. It is likely that both a plumber and electrician will need to be involved in the job. 

What if my electric hot water cylinder is leaking?

Call a plumber immediately so that you can prevent any flooding and get the issue diagnosed quickly.

Hot water cylinder repair and replacements involve an electrician and a plumber but who does what?

Plumber – will advise you if your cylinder needs replacing, source a new cylinder and parts for you, and install them. 

Electrician – can advise you if the element or thermostat need to be replaced, is needed to disconnect the old element or thermostat and connect in the new ones. 

How long does it take to do a cylinder replacement?

The job takes 3 to 4 hours. Most of the time is taken in emptying the tank of water before the old element and cylinder are removed, and installing the replacements. Once installed, we will fill the cylinder, complete installation of the element and thermostat and test it.

How much does it cost to replace a hot water cylinder?

Installing a new electric hot water cylinder costs approximately $2,000-$3,000. Running costs for an average three-person household range from $560-$1,000 a year, depending on electricity rates – such as a night tariff being available.  

How long does a hot water cylinder last?

If fitted to a high standard a hot water cylinder should last over 30 years.

What about instant hot water units? Who can help me with that installation?

A plumber can source a unit for you and will take care of the gas connection for the installation. An electrician installs the outside power outlet for it.

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