Renovating during Covid-19

The construction industry has been disrupted along with everyone else during to Covid-19, and we’ve all heard about builders being booked out, but don’t let that put you off your project to renovate and improve your home.

By following both government and Construction Health and Safety New Zealand (CHASNZ) guidelines, trades have continued to work and deliver building projects safely, albeit with some supply line and a few staff out due to Covid.  

Our top tips to avoid renovation delays 

    • Approach and book builders/architects early
    • Establish good relationships and communication 
    • Use the time before building starts to finalise plans and consents 
    • Research, decide and order your products months in advance
    • Ask about product supply timing when researching products
  • Buy NZ made where you can for reliable supply
  • Be proactive – ask the builder what decisions they need from you as the project progresses

We’re worried about the impact of Covid-19 on doing a renovation. Should we still go ahead?

You can still go ahead and plan a renovation as usual. With sound safety protocols in place, agreed by the government and CHASNZ (as above), building has continued largely undisrupted, apart from during level 4 lockdowns. In 2022 the industry continues to follow hygiene and distance protocols and most workers are fully vaccinated. 

Are tradespeople all vaccinated?

The construction industry is not mandated to have all tradespeople vaccinated (like the health and education systems). However many builders have imposed their own mandate for their staff and sub-trades they contract in to be fully vaccinated. Ask your builder if they have mandated vaccination for their teams and sites. Yes Electrical’s team are all fully vaccinated. 

Will our renovation be more difficult or cost more due to Covid?

The main impact on building and renovations has been delays in getting materials supplied but there is still plenty of choice of materials for building. The trick to getting around any potential delays is to decide the products you want and order early.

Regarding cost, it’s the same advice as for non-Covid times. Shop around for quotes when contracting your trades and look at a range of pricing for products. New Zealand still has plentiful supply and range of all building materials from tapware to flooring and windows for example. Your builder and other trades will have the latest information on product supply lines and pricing.  

What’s the best way to avoid project delays?

Two top tips – book your builder/architect super early and buy New Zealand made! 

Builders can be booked up several months in advance.  The sooner you begin conversations with builders (and architects if using one) the better. Once you have decided your builder you can then jump into planning the project.

Sourcing local goods not only supports our economy and manufacturing and craft industries, it offers more reliable supply of your renovation products. There are good quality products like tapware and vanity units for example both made and assembled in New Zealand.

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