What is a Master Electrician?

When you need electrical work done we definitely recommend using a Master Electrician like us.

A Quality Assured Master Electrician is a member of the New Zealand electrical industry organisation Master Electricians and as such, meets all the required industry standards for safety, testing and to sign off electrical work.

Master Electricians are the trusted industry experts, and their work comes with a $20,000 workmanship guarantee which safeguards the quality their work.

Electricians must regularly pass strict knowledge, experience, professionalism, safety and quality standards of the Master Electricians Quality Assurance assessment to be a Quality Assured Master Electrician.

Using a Master Electrician for your work gives you peace of mind that the work will be performed to the highest industry standards, and in a professional and safe way. 

For us, it’s all part of how we operate on every job large or small. Our qualified team thoroughly test every aspect of our electrical work and understand the critical importance of ensuring the safety and functionality of the systems we work on. 

We issue the required certifications for your work as proof that our work has been tested and meets both relevant and required standards and regulations. These certifications include code of compliance, electrical safety certificate, and certificate of verification.

Master Electricians also prioritise Workplace Health and Safety and this is a key area of the Quality Assurance programme. Master Electricians are supported to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and have policies, guidelines, and procedures in place to keep everyone safe onsite and in the workplace.

Being a Master Electrician also means we have access to professional development, the latest developments in the industry, and support which enables us to maintain the highest industry standards.

Why use a Master Electrician?

Quality Assured Master Electrician’s are the industry experts. Their work is guaranteed and hiring a Master Electrician means you know that the work will be completed to the highest industry standards, and in a professional and safe way. Master Electricians can sign off work and provide the required certifications for your property.

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